Our turnery - Handcrafted wood arts from South Tyrol

The art of woodworking with perfect shapes

The production of turned bowls was once very popular in Val Casies. So much so, that in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the use of Swiss pine was even regulated by the authorities in order to preserve the forestry.

Josef Taschler, owner of the farmhouse and your host, started practicing the use of the lathe over 30 years ago, as an addition to agricultural activities. In 1989 he passed the relevant exams. In the turnery shop you will find several common use or decorative items made using local wood. But you will also find unusual objects: for example, the lampshades of our new apartments are from our lab. Time permitting, we can also take orders.

The sales room
The master at work
Hats made of wood

The art of turning

Rotmooshof guests, but also anyone passing by, can visit the new lab built 20 years ago and witness our turning activities. On request you will also be able to test your abilities and learn the basics. Lathe courses are charged extra. Please remember that such courses are only possible during the quieter periods.

Opening times are normally 09:00 to 12:00 in the morning and 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon on weekdays.

However, due to the irregular nature of the jobs needed in the farmhouse and the fields, this timetable cannot always be followed. It is possible to combine a visit to the turnery with an outing or excursion. It is recommended that visits are booked in advance by telephone.

The turner's circle
Wooden bowl


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